Watching Naruto Online

In the world for anime lovers is considered as one of the most famous sites. They provide thousands of Naruto fans with the opportunity to watch all the previous and latest episodes of Naruto and Naruto Shippuden with HD quality streaming. If you are an anime lover then they are the perfect resource for you to enjoy anime any time you wish. ​​

​Of late there have been many instances where viewers couldn’t access the NarutoGet website. There are various speculations about the reason behind this occurrence.
A lot of users felt that the site is undergoing technical maintenance while the others are suspecting that it has been closed down. Even some of the users suspected that they have changed their domain name. The truth NarutoGet is they have been banned. This is the reason of the behind the closure of this site.

Alternatives to

Though has been banned but there is still way through which you can fulfill your desire of watching Naruto online and those alternatives are –

  • Kissanime: Kissanime probably one of the best sites to watch any anime, not only Naruto. Here all the series are arranged very systematically by name, this feature makes it easier to search a specific episode. For all the Asian drama and anime, manga and any other cartoon this site is the place to be because there is tons of content for free viewing here. There is no need to open an account or register as a new user to watch content on the site. You can watch straight away. But if you register you will receive notifications of when the TV shows are updated. This site is also completely free and safe. But this site allows only online streaming and no download of content.
  • GoGoanime: ​If you’re looking for a good website to watch all Japanese anime then GoGoanime can help you in this manner which has a good streaming quality as well as good and fast technical support. It is easy to search on this site because both page listing and search bar are present. It has a friendly and easily accessible layout. NarutoGet English episodes that you enjoyed at are also available here. Each episode on this site has a comment box for user feedback. You will also get brief description of the episodes here. A huge collection of animes and movies is available here.
  • Naruspot/Narutospot: Fans of Naruto are always searching on the internet websites which are not only safe but also have better features or more videos. is a site of that kind. This site is totally safe for kids where with ads and graphics unsuitable for children often taking center stage on most websites. This site offers you all episodes subbed and dubbed so that you understand your favorite show. Another amazing thing about this site is it’s free.
  • Animefreak: Animefreak is well-organized website and it provides links to all the latest anime including Naruto on the landing page itself. You can have access of all the latest anime in good quality here. The animes here are organized neatly and available for different age group. Unlike several other sites it is quite easy to use. The site loads fast without much lagging.

Though it is not being possible for the Naruto lovers to have access on, but still the alternative ways has opened the gate of enjoying their favorite show. If you are looking for some more alternative sites to enjoy the episodes of Naruto then have look here at


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